“True Story of Sohna Pak Industries”
Sohna Pak Industries was firstly supervised by Mian Mohammad Sharif Sohna, who was engaged to produce the quality Tools since 1946 by utilizing the optimum combination of workmanship and craftsmanship.

He worked with numerous companies of the Sialkot, who were in the production and export of quality Tools. He spent a large period in both the production and research for the improvement of quality.

In 1969 he laid the stone of Sohna Pak Industries and after while they started the export in 1985, Mr. Sharif served the industry for 48 years and died in 1994, after Mr. Sharif his sons Mian Mohammad Jahangir, Mian Mohammad Jamil, Mian Mohammad Khalil are governing production, research, development, marketing and supplies.

Sohna Pak Industries has developed its own improvements cell which is always engaged to get better quality of its products with the comparison of their previous experience.

Thanks a lot for your time.
Mian Mohammad Khalil (C.E.O)